White-Label WordPress Support for Agencies


What we offer

24/7 professional WordPress support and maintenance.
Your own agency website with recurring payments set up – so you can start adding your clients.

White-label ticket system for your customers to send their tickets.

What your clients will get

Your clients will get expert 24/7 WordPress support and maintenance – we’ll take care of any issue they encounter, take daily backups, run security checks, and much more.
Your clients will also get a very detailed biweekly report with your logo on it.


The biweekly maintenance report that your clients will get, contains a summary and an in-depth description of the work performed on their website. The report gives an overview of the updates and database optimization performed as well as information about downtime (if there was any) and security scans.

One-time fix

We can also offer one-time fixes to your clients. If they have a single issue that needs to be resolved and they don’t want the monthly maintenance service, then this is a great alternative. They just need to submit a ticket with an explanation of the problem and their login info – and we’ll take care of the rest. They will pay directly to you and won’t ever have to hear about WebFixGo.

Apply today

If you need 24/7 expert WordPress maintenance and support as a white-label service, simply fill out the application and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


How much can I earn per client ?

How much you want to charge your clients is entirely up to you. From WebFixgo, you’ll get a permanent 10% discount on all maintenance plans and you can resell the plans for whatever price you choose.

Do you charge a monthly for the website I get with the program ?

We’ll provide the website to you entirely for free! Once you apply and get approved to the program, we’ll set up your white-label website. You’ll only pay for your clients’ plans after they have joined and paid you for their membership.

How do I get started ?

Just fill out the form below. We’ll contact you to learn more about your business and give you more details about our white-label service.

Do you have any minimum membership requirements ?

The white-label program has a minimum membership duration of 3 months. At WebFixgo, we charge our clients quarterly, and we recommend you bill your clients quarterly as well to avoid any issues.

Why is there 3-month minimum membership with all program ?

Every new website that joins the program needs more time and work to set up than an existing website needs for regular maintenance. With the 3-month minimum subscription period, we’ll have the time to make sure everything really works perfectly and you’ll have the time to reap the full benefits of our service.