Remove walware from your WordPress website right way!


How do I know the malware has been removed?

We'll show you the results of the reputable malware scanning tools we operate and you'll see that your web has indeed been thoroughly cleaned.

Do I get a warranty?

Yes, we guarantee that if the malware reappears within 45 days of the initial contact, we will wipe it up for free.

Do you clean websites that are not built in WordPress?

Yes! contact us

Do you secure the website after the cleanup?

Yes – we’ll add several security settings to your website to make sure it’s protected from future attacks.

How do I start?

You can use any option you like: fill out the short form above, chat with one of our support agents, or give us a call.

How fast will you fix my issue?

We fix most of the issues within 4-6 hours and within 24 hours at most – depending on the volume of requests and how complex the malware is. When you contact us, we’ll reply fast.